High Performance VDI Association

Announcing the Establishment of the Provisionally Named ‘High Performance VDI Laboratory

We are planning to establish a research institute focused on research and development in remote access technology. The details are currently under consideration. The activities of the High Performance VDI Labs for testing environments will transition to the new institute in the future. We kindly request your continued support.

Announcement Regarding the High Performance VDI Conference

The High Performance VDI Conference has temporarily suspended its annual event after the 2021 edition. However, we plan to resume the conference in the fall of 2025 as an invitation-only event. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

仮称)High Performance VDI Laboratory(High Performance VDI 研究所)設立のご案内

リモートアクセス技術を中心とした研究開発を行う研究所の設立を予定しております。詳細は検討中でございます。 検証環境 High Performance VDI Labs の活動は、今後研究所に移行する予定です。引き続きご支援を賜りますよう宜しくお願い申し上げます。

High Performance VDI Conference について

High Performance VDI Conference は、2021開催をもって一次休止になっています。2025年秋頃、招待制カンファレンスとして再開を予定しています。

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